INTENTIONAL WEIGHT MANAGEMENT A Comprehensive Weight Management Program

INTENTIONAL WEIGHT MANAGEMENTA Comprehensive Weight Management Program

This education program uses an holistic approach to weight management, dealing with both attitude and habit changes.  By participating in this program, you’ll learn how to take control of your eating and begin listening to how you feel about the choices you are making.  You’ll determine what eating pattern is personally-appropriate, where food belongs in your life, and use your natural desires and abilities to help you get what you want – long-term weight management success.

INTENTIONAL WEIGHT MANAGEMENT teaches maintenance before loss because unless you are able to keep off the lost weight, losing it becomes useless.  You will be able to satisfy your appetite needs while taking care of physical hunger.  When you have completed this program, you will be able to eat whatever you choose, whenever you choose because you will have learned what you want to eat, when you want to eat it, and why you make the choices you do.  You will no longer have a weight problem*.  INTENTIONAL WEIGHT MANAGEMENT is the consummate answer to an issue that is faced by all individuals who struggle daily with a desire to achieve permanent weight management because it is individualized and actually teaches you how to maintain your weight loss.

Topics: Basic information, hunger and appetite, your interactive need level, what are you already doing, determining your natural eating pattern, reprogramming your eating, determining your natural water drinking pattern, determining your maintenance eating pattern, determining your water drinking pattern, short-term and long-term thinking, perfectionism, emotional eating, motivation, developing your philosophy of food parts 1, 2, and 3, determining your weight loss eating pattern, positive weight management affirmations, avoiding the phantom body image, the fear of being thin, the stress in your life and what to do about it, how does your family fit into the picture, overcoming the barriers and enjoying the benefits of exercise, lapses and relapses, achieving psychological wellness, discovering your past and changing your future, shedding your secrets, forgiving others, forgiving yourself, self-awareness, self-growth, four areas of modification, self-defeating weight management behaviors, becoming a positive person, and becoming an assertive person.

This program was developed by Dr. Lynn Brown, a Licensed Professional Counselor, educator, and life coach.  She has worked with thousands of individuals, assisting them to, once and for all, overcome the yo-yoing that is typical of dieters. Her professional expertise allowed her to be a non-physician granted full membership in the American Society of Bariatric Physicians where she taught physicians and nurses at conferences.

*unless there is a medical reason for the weight issue

The 210-page text and workbook eBook is 8.5×11 in PDF format. 

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