This 64-page course combines self-paced progress with the opportunity to interact with me (Dr. Lynn) via email in order to help assure success. Once you have purchased this program, you will have access to the special email.

This program addresses the psychosocial aspects of becoming a non-smoker. By using the workbook, you can be more than a person who quit smoking.  You can become a non-smoker; a person who has altered their perception of themselves to accommodate living without smoking.  A non-smoker has no interest in smoking because that activity has no place in how they have constructed their life because they identify as a non-smoker.

Table of Contents


Week 1 Getting Ready to Quit, Part 1

Determining My Potential Roadblocks and Clearing Them Away

Setting a Quit Day

Week 2 Getting Ready to Quit, Part 2

My Smoking Personality

My Reasons for Quitting

Week 3 Quitting

My Home Environment

My Work Environment

Preparing For the Physical Signs of Recovery

Week 4 Adapting

Values and My New Lifestyle

Whom Am I Striving to Be and How Does Being a Non-Smoker

               Fit Into Being This Person?

Handling the Physical Signs of Recovery

Week 5 The Real Me:  Getting Started

Looking Toward My New Future

Clearing Away Any New Roadblocks

The Real Me

Week 6 Getting Comfortable With the Real Me

Building My Life Around Being the Real Me

Practicing Living As the Real Me

One-Month Follow-Up

Sharing My Experiences

Asking Questions

Addressing Issues

Three-Month Follow-Up

Sharing Experiences

Asking Questions

Addressing Issues


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