Request for Listener Topic Ideas

I’ve been thinking about years ago when I did a lot of television, radio, and public speaking and how much I enjoyed answering audience questions.  I especially enjoyed call-in radio shows.  And while my podcast (BEST LIFE University) is not this format, I would like to have listeners write to me with questions, concerns, and suggested personal growth topics.  I am open to relationship issues, identity and self-esteem concerns, weight management problems, and anything else you have on your mind that you would like me to address in my podcast.  So, please email me at  If I choose your topic, you will remain anonymous unless you let me know that it’s okay to read your first name.  So, just email me at  I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you!

You can find my podcast, BEST LIFE University, everywhere podcasts are available. Or visit:  Thanks!

Copyright 2021 Lynn Borenius Brown

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