Do What You Know is Personally-Appropriate

 It doesn’t matter what others think, do, or say. The only opinion that matters when it comes to you is the opinion you believe is personally-appropriate for you and whom you see yourself as being. Never forget this. Always act on it. 

In what situations/experiences do you find yourself ignoring your values (life rules) and making someone else’s/the group’s more important? 

Is there a pattern to this (always certain types of situations/experiences)? If so, what is the big picture view of them? Is it always with certain people? Is it when there is a certain atmosphere (tension, etc.)? 

Why do you think you ignore your values/life rules at these times? Were you taught to do this? Did you have experiences that caused you to decide this was needed?

Pick the most intrusive situation/experience and begin working on altering your sense of empowerment so you will begin handling it differently – from your values perspective. One you have done this, take other situations/experiences and do the same thing. It is your right and responsibility to do what you know is personally-appropriate. It is your life!

Copyright 2021 Lynn Borenius Brown

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