Apples and Pears

 As I indicated earlier, heredity seems to influence where fat settles.  And, there are two general body shapes:  apples and pears.  Apples, mostly men, have beer-belly profiles, carrying the extra pounds in the upper torso and around the abdomen.  Pears, usually women, collect excess weight below the waist, in chunky hips, fannies, and thighs.  Fat distribution appears to be related to the balance of female and male hormones in the body.  For example, apple women, those who put on weight along the male pattern, tend to have higher than normal levels of male hormones.  Medically, it is better to be a pear than an apple since apples carry an unfair share of the health risk.

Also, there are small molecules called alpha and beta receptors on the surfaces of fat cells.  The alpha receptors stimulate fat accumulation and the beta receptors stimulate fat breakdown.  It has been found that the fat cells on women’s hips and thighs tend to have predominantly alpha receptors, which means they tend to hold on to fat.  It appears that your shape will remain fairly constant over time.  But all is not lost.  After getting to your goal, you’ll be a beautiful or handsome shape, whatever it may be.

Copyright 1996 and 2010 Lynn Borenius Brown

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