You are always on a path – you are never lost

One of the definitions of the word “path” in Merriam-Webster is “the continuous series of positions or configurations that can be assumed in any motion or process of change by a moving or varying system”.  There is much to be discussed within these words.  However, right now I will focus on the idea of “continuous series of positions”.

Since a path is merely a series of positions by a moving system, each of the positions has its place – its value.  Change is part of the path while the system remains intact.  Configurations are allowed to exist which means we are expected to evolve; to use the varying positions as part of our forward movement.

So, recognizing we are always on a path and this path provides motion and change which brings varying configurations, we are able to feel confident that we are never lost.  We are merely evolving through the configurations required to keep us moving (growing).

Copyright 2015 Lynn Borenius Brown

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