Why the rainbow logo?

People have been curious as to why I use a rainbow as my logo.

Good question.

Here are my thoughts:

Rainbows occur after rain.  For me, this implies that rain is needed for the true beauty of life to be experienced.  Rain is the metaphor for life’s experiences that we tend to arbitrarily and hastily define as negative/bad/to be avoided.  Without these experiences we would like to avoid, I feel there were be very little (if no) personal growth – no movement on our life path.  It appears that most of us make needed changes in our lives only when faced with obstacles.  So, the rainbow represents the gifts we receive after working through the difficulties of an experience.  And, in Greek mythology the rainbow is viewed as a sort of messenger.  My desire is to provide some of these gifts to my readers; to be a messenger.

Rainbows are made of the colors of the spectrum.  This is important to me because I put significance on the idea of embracing all colors the world has to offer; that we need all races, ethnicities, religions, and cultures in order to fully know living and that without all of them there is now rainbow.  I also like the spiritual definition of the rainbow’s colors:

Red = vitality

Orange – creative energy

Yellow = wisdom

Green = balance

Blue = spirituality

Indigo = infinity

Violet = spiritual mastery

Rainbows are the dispersion of light.  Symbolically, light represents goodness, knowledge, and hope.  My desire is to provide all of these.

Copyright 2015 Lynn Borenius Brown

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