Unexpressed Emotion is Stored As Tension

As we go through each day, we experience emotions; some we welcome and others we don’t.  These feelings arise from our interpretation of external events as well as our thoughts.  And we have all been taught to forego, to suppress, the expression of at least some of our emotions in order to conform to society and a perceived need to keep order.

The problem arises when we do not express our emotions for fear of causing disruption.  As a result, we store the emotions and, unfortunately, after a time, they erupt, usually inappropriately, because the tension built to the breaking point.  So, it is more efficient and healthier to find ways to express emotions appropriately, remembering that it is not the emotion that is wrong; that the only issue is expressing it inappropriately.

So, take time to practice becoming comfortable expressing your emotions, doing so openly and with respect for yourself as well as others.  To have feelings is human.  To express them allows compassion, bonding, and sharing; experiences that add so much to living.

Copyright 2011  Lynn Borenius Brown

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