Three Areas of Human Functioning

Although most of us are unaware of this, there are three areas involved in how we operate in life.  And, it is important to become aware of what you are doing in relation to these.  They are:  Think, Feel, and Do.

Think – the area of “Think” has to do with what you think.  These are intellectualizations, conclusions, opinions, considerations, intentions, judgments, beliefs, reflections.  “Think” shapes how we see the world.

Feel – the area of “Feel” has to do with what you are feeling and the verbalizations that come from the emotions.  It is an emotional sensation, an awareness, the result of your impression of something or someone.

Do – the area of “Do” is about behavior.  It is action.   It’s a physical investment, fulfillment, the bringing to conclusion.  Doing is following through.

A problem arises when Think, Feel, and Do don’t complement each other.  Unfortunately, it is quite common for these three areas not to be similar regarding an issue.

You think (have an opinion, etc.) about something but feel uncomfortable about it (don’t like the emotional sensation it evokes) so you do not act on it.   The discrepancy between think and feel causes distress.  Therefore, there is no action.

The goal is to have Think and Feel aligned so there will be action – the Do.   When this exists, you are being true to yourself; being honest and, therefore, more at peace.

So, it is a good idea to start becoming sensitive to what you are saying, to the words you use, and to notice when Think and Feel are not aligned.  Notice when you feel uncomfortable about something you are thinking – examine why there is this discomfort.  Is it that you are thinking something you are “supposed to” to be thinking but know it isn’t right for you?  Also notice when you feel uncomfortable about how you are feeling.  Is the thinking correct for you but you don’t like how it makes you feel?  If so, attend to the fear about that feeling.

Honor yourself by aligning Think and Feel so you will be free to Do.

Copyright 2011 Lynn Borenius Brown

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