Thinking Is Always Based in the Past or the Future

We spend our days thinking.  But rarely do we realize that this activity always relates either to the past or the future, even if it is the immediate past or the immediate future.  To ponder this idea feels strange to most of us.  However, it is accurate.  And, all stress comes from thinking because this action makes us aware of the discrepancy between what we expect and what is.

The reason for contemplating the concept that we spend most of our time in the past and the future is that by doing so we can become aware that we almost never spend time in the present.  And, it is the present that is important; it is what we claim to value to get the most from living.  We want to enjoy our life but if we are never present, how is this accomplished?

The answer is mindfulness; the intentional choice to be aware of the present moment without judgment or evaluation.

Copyright 2011 Lynn Borenius Brown

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