Now Is All There Is

We spend much of our lives planning for the future and thinking about our past.  And while I am certainly an advocate of preparing for the future and learning from the past, I believe too many hours are used in this manner.

Emotional discomfort exists when we think about the future and the past.  Inner peace comes from remembering that when we remain in the “here and now”, in the moment, we are healthier.  After all, there is nothing we can do to change the past and we are limited to preparing for the future.  Therefore, at any moment in time, all you are required to handle is that exact experience and nothing more.

So, when you notice yourself getting stressed – when you are spending time ruminating about the past or behaving as though you should have a crystal ball to see the future – remember that now is all there is and if you will find yourself able to return to the present and, as a result, find peace.

Copyright 2011 Lynn Borenius Brown

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