Life is a Process – An Outcome is Merely Another Beginning

It seems there is always something more to do – that the “to do” list is endless.  We can’t ever run out of stuff to do.  And usually this is viewed as a negative because we wish that at some point we would be finished.  But, actually it is wonderful that we never get done – that we always have more on our list – because the next thing to do gives us an opportunity to start again; to have another chance at getting it right or doing it better.
When viewed as a process, life feels less like a test and more like so many opportunities to try again to risk, to learn, and to grow.  Our life experiences are not isolated, they flow one to another, allowing for wisdom, for rejuvenation, and for another beginning.

So, remember that you are never finished and that this is a good thing:  than an outcome, a perceived end, is only the start of something that is either a continuation or a chance to learn and improve.  What a relief to know that an outcome is merely another beginning so we are okay.

Copyright 2011 Lynn Borenius Brown

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