The word, integrity, comes from the Latin, integer, which means whole.  Therefore, integrity is having a unified vision of self, a long-range view of who you are, where you are going, and where you want to end up as a person.

Addressing the following incomplete sentence, the statement, as well as the two questions will take you closer to becoming an integrated individual.

When you reflect on the qualities of those you admire, you are holding up a mirror to yourself, discovering who you want to be.  So, I’ve always admired people who

You are an inherently powerful person who is always making a difference (whether you realize it or not).  Your existence in this world automatically makes you have an impact on those around you.  Never devalue your ability to be a catalyst for others!  So, name three times during the last week or month that you made a difference to someone or something.

You are a talented, skilled, influential person who is unlike anyone else on this earth.  The experiences you have had allow you to bring something special and important to everything you do and everyone with whom you come into contact.  Take some time to determine what it is you bring to everything you do as a result of being who you are.  So, how can I bring who I am to what I do?

At the end of each workday you want to be able to look in to the mirror and see a person who has given of him/herself to the world in a way that brings a sense of accomplishment and honor.  So, what type of work will allow this to happen?

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