Communication Skills, Part 2

Congratulations!  You have been working at improving your ability to listen, understand, and provide feedback before moving the conversation forward by expressing.  Now, let’s move on.

Even if we are very competent when it comes to expressing, listening, understanding and providing feedback, there is another aspect to communication that, although it is very important, is often ignored.  This is the frame of reference of the person with whom we are attempting to communicate.

This frame of reference is the filtering system each of us has when communicating with others.  Here are thirteen components that can, and do, affect the interpretation of what is being said:

  1. Age
  2. Attitude
  3. Background
  4. Beliefs
  5. Education
  6. Experience
  7. Interests
  8. Knowledge
  9. Memories
  10. Occupation
  11. Prejudices
  12. Values
  13. Gender

All of these components affect and can interfere with how we interpret what we are hearing.  So, take some time to address these components for yourself – become aware of how each of these affect you when you are attempting to communicate (listen, understand, and provide feedback) with someone.  Once you have acquired this significant self-awareness, be sure to always keep it in mind when listening.  And, be sensitive to these components in others when you are sharing your thoughts, ideas, and opinions with others (expressing).  It will make you a much better communicator.

Copyright 2011 Lynn Borenius Brown

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