Be In the Now – Be Present

Planning, reminiscing, worrying, longing………  There are so many words we use to describe how we are living at any given moment.  Unfortunately, so often these words refer either to the past or the future.  And while it is important to heal from our past and to plan for the future, it is also vital that we spend time in the present.

It is “now” that offers living fully; spending time experiencing what is happening.  Sometimes “now” is painful.  But by allowing yourself to actually feel it, you are able to attend to it and heal.  There are times that “now” is exciting and since this doesn’t happen often, it is wonderful to fully feel it.  And, usually “now” is benign and it is also important to enjoy the ease of this and remember to be grateful.

Most of us live our lives having never been there.  Be sure that you are not one of them.  Be fully present in the “now” because the past is gone and the future depends upon the “now”.  And it is the ”now” that provides peace, joy, and the opportunity to heal.

Copyright 2011  Lynn Borenius Brown

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