“At this moment, all is as it needs to be” has been Lynn Brown’s mantra for countless years. Having been diagnosed with a chronic health problem at the age of 20 and being told she could not have stress provided the foundation for her life. Her work (counseling and teaching) has been based upon guiding individuals toward a realization of self-empowerment that brings the opportunity for inner peace. She developed MINDFUL LIVING (Becoming the True Self) that is based on her Adaptive Choice Model.  Every educational tool and guided meditation is built upon her desire to provide information that will allow each person who participates with her materials to become a Thriver.

Having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and the concomitant Dysautonomia and MCAS has resulted in requiring continuous adaptation to increasing disability.  She has done this with an ongoing attitude of acceptance and utilizing each change as an opportunity for growth.  She is the embodiment of MINDFUL LIVING.  

This life approach has compelled her to teach and write in the area of personal growth; with a sense of credibility brought about by her circumstances.  From 1978-1999, she shared her philosophy of living with millions of people via television, radio, and public speaking.  For the past 20 years, she has focused on counseling and teaching.  But with the advent of online visibility, she recently compiled her materials and is now offering them, as well as recent writings, in her online store (http://bestlife.education).

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