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BEST LIFE University is an e-learning destination for lifelong learners interested in personal growth.

We hope you become a BEST LIFE Scholar*.

If you seek out opportunities to heal and grow, have diverse passions, love challenges, and embrace change, you are a lifelong learner so will find BEST LIFE University a great place.

Lifelong learning has become the new frontier and digital technology has allowed it to flourish. With this in mind, I started BEST LIFE University to provide the opportunity for ongoing personal growth. I know there are countless others like me; those who enjoy gaining insight into self and others and want to keep growing and enhancing their lives. Therefore, we strive to offer products in all five areas of personal development: mental, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical.

By offering e-learning materials authored by me as well as links to many other experts, we provide a wealth of personal growth opportunities for lifelong learners!

We’re looking forward to serving your personal growth needs!

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*BEST LIFE Scholar – a person who continues to seek knowledge that will guide them toward being a Thriver; a person who is able to live with an ongoing sense of inner peace that is possible through authenticity.  BEST LIFE Scholars always get a 50% discount on products purchased directly from BEST LIFE U.  To learn more, visit the BEST LIFE Scholars page.

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